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A Love Letter: Dear Ethan


Sometimes, love holds a tight grip in one’s heart it shatters into tiny million pieces. It gets┬ábroken beyond repair that even time can’t mend it. That’s the story Annie wants to share. A broken girl whose heart was ripped to shreds, but braving each day, surviving the emptiness in her life… because she has to.

Dear Ethan,

Hello! How have you been doing? It’s been a while since, you know… I wrote you a letter. It seems like a lifetime ago. I did everything I could, though, to restrain myself from penning down every single emotion I kept bottled up inside me, I really did. But you’ve been a fixture on my mind lately. I shooed your memories away, wiped your image off, kept my brain occupied with important matters, but none of those things seemed to work. I never thought any of it would work through, not after I bumped into you. Read the rest of this entry