Lorry is a published writer in the Philippines. In between formulating new stories she teaches English to foreign students and translates foreign novels to Filipinos. She could also be wandering somewhere, experiencing life and enjoying freedom. She loves fur balls with all her heart she considers herself a dog fairy.

Lorry draws inspiration from her friends and acquaintances, her stories are vibrant and breath of fresh air. If you get to meet her, do not hesitate to tell her your story, may it be about struggle, pain, letting go, moving on, adventure or happy ever after. She will listen to you. She might even write your story.

Her passion for writing was inspired by Legolas. Yes, that elvish archer and pretty boy blonde from Mirkwood. An Elvish Prince from Tolkienland. Her first novel was a fan fiction, and yes again, it was about Legolas. From then on she has written sixteen  books and is currently penning new ones.

Like most people, she took a traditional path. She learned ABC’s, sung nursery rhymes (to the dismay of her classmates) and had a tumultuous relationship with mathematics. But she was drawn to literature and history. She even developed high interest towards ancient myths and history.

Like most people, she got puzzled and confused, but in puzzlement and confusion she found herself. Like most people, she fell in-love. But she fell in love with a literary character and with that love beautiful stories were written. She is you and she writes your story.

Now, she is somewhere… Sipping coffee, playing with her fur balls, thinking about a new adventure or a love story.


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