Travel Guide: Pinto Art Museum

Travel Guide: Pinto Art Museum

     Pinto Art Museum is cool, really? That was my initial reaction when my three nieces first mentioned this art gallery in Antipolo, Rizal. To be completely honest, I got completely flustered when my girls pestered me, okay, encouraged me, into going to this apparently uber-cool art museum that everyone they know had been raving about. I was then like, Since when did museum became uber-cool? Curious! Anyway, their excitement was contagious; I had no choice but to cave in.

     I was then informed that Art Museum was a selfie-friendly environment owing to its amazing architecture, beautiful landscape and riveting art masterpieces. So, the case of sudden interest in museum was solved, selfie!

     However, the moment I laid my eyes on the whitewashed façade of Pinto Art Museum, I understand what the fuzz was about. It had this Santorini-vibe minus the blue dome and the Aegean Sea.

     Pinto Art Museum is a 1.3 hectare property, so, I would divide this into three sections: The Architecture, The Landscape and The Arts.

The Architecture

     Like I mentioned, the first thing I noticed was the whitewashed structures distributed around the perimeter of the museum. As if I was transported to the streets of Santorini, Greece.

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The Landscape

     The Museum is located in the highlands of Antipolo, Rizal. Naturally, the air is fresher, so you could just sit on numerous chairs scattered around the property while basking in the sun. Be sure to pay homage to the natural and man-made landscapes around you!

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The Arts

    Pinto Art Museum houses many art pieces created by the members of the group Saling Pusa. Let me walk you through the galleries of the museum.

Pinto Art Gallery

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Gallery I

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Gallery II

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Gallery III

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Gallery IV

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Gallery V

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Gallery VI

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Forrest Installation

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Where to eat:

If and when you find yourself hungry after all the sight-seeing, the art lovin’ and the selfies, do not worry! Pinto Art museum got your covered. There are two cafe’s to choose from.

Café Rizal

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Pinto Café

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In conclusion, my nieces were right. Even I got caught up with Pinto Art Museum’s beauty.

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How to get there:

  1. Take a jeepney, a bus or a UV Express Starmall / Edsa Crossing Terminal (fare: roughly around 45 pesos) then get off at Ynares Center.
  2. Charter a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum (fare: roughly around 50 pesos)

If you have any question, message, suggestion or whatnot, hit the comment box below. Happy travel!


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